Award winning writer/director Louis Viljoen reunites with broadcasting legend John Maytham and acclaimed actor Emma Kotze to tell a story of broken people and the dark truths that slither under their skins.

Frank, a practiced booze-hound and a hunter of people, tracks down his daughter’s best friend in the hopes of unearthing secrets and solving a mystery that has caused a rot in his soul. Theresa, an aimless young woman masking her regrets with debauchery and a sharp tongue, reluctantly invites Frank into her life in order to rectify the mistakes in her past. What follows is a darkly comedic, whiskey-soaked journey into the darkest parts of the human psyche.

*Age restriction: 18 (contains explicit language & scenes of a sexual nature)

Written & Directed by Louis Viljoen
Starring: John Maytham, Emma Kotze
Design: Kieran McGregor