Umthandazo African Music is usually viewed as a kind of music that is of traditional origin and music that takes us back to our roots (embo) because of the originality of many indigenous African instruments that we play as African Musicians and that is not always the case.

In this performance I want to show my versatility within African music and how I modernise it to make it sound relatable to the present times. With the African Indigenous instruments that I’ll be playing in between my performance, I’ll be trying to show how I use them to make them sound more relatable to me as a youngster with the infusion of some western/ jazz instruments such as guitar, piano and jazz horns.

With this performance I aim to change the narrative about how African music is viewed and I hope my audience will be able to see that African Music is not always spiritual and traditional but how the sound is delivered is what matters. I hope to heal their hearts and get through to their souls with all the tools that I’ve gathered to make this performance a success.

The title “Umthandazo” means prayer. In this particular concert I will be manifesting all great things and will be praying for my journey inviting the higher power to takeover and lead.