James – AKA funny man Aaron McIlroy – is a red-blooded, meat-eating South African male. He is aware of the consistent concerns about the meat industry’s role in the impending climate catastrophe. He has done his best to studiously evade and ignore such concerns until a work trip creates an unexpected double whammy and he is shaken out of his comfort zone. Out of the blue, he becomes a vegetarian, not realising how unwelcome this change and his newfound fanaticism will be in his meat-eating home. The skirmishes at home escalate into a full-blown war when James, who only months before, had been the king of the Braai, demands an entirely meat-free home.

Written and directed by Craig Freimond, A Vegan Killed My Marriage won a Bronze Ovation Award at this year’s National Arts Festival in Makhanda (Grahamstown).

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