Working Title LIVE ART WEEKENDS at Masambe Theatre presents:
Art Must Be…

After a successful 1st Live Art Weekend, Working Title is excited to present,

That age old question - What is ART?

We want to challenge the norm of art having to be beautiful or looking a certain way. Exploring different genres and showing that art comes in many different forms and is created for many different reasons.

A short Q&A session with the artists will follow the performances on Thursday 11 July.

Curated by Carin Bester, featuring artists:
1. Jeremeo Le Cordeur – Artists Vision
An artist’s view, of another artist’s vision.
2. Kelby Manuel – What the Dust Remembers
What happens when the ideas and feelings become buried beneath the dust.
3. Sjaka S. Septembir – Beendroogstaar
'n ritueel wat die stadsmens se siel oopmaak vir die natuur se diepte.
4. Vuyelwa Phota – What part is Art?
Is the process only as good as its outcome?
5. Xavier Parks – Hopeful Homeless
More than a performance art piece, it’s a social justice investigation.