Baxter Theatre by arrangement with DALRO (Pty) Limited, presents

Hamba Nam Ndipheleke by Nompumezo Buzani

Though barely 18 years old, Thandiwe has already suffered enough tragedy and grief to last her a lifetime.

Having been abandoned by their father at an early age, the death of their mother after a lengthy illness relegates Thandiwe and her older sister Mhizana to a life of servitude and exploitation as was the case for a lot of women and girls living in what was formerly known as the Transkei Bantustan during Apartheid.

Thandiwe is coerced into marriage with a man twice her age by her family. Mhizana is forced to live in poverty with her abusive aunt who holds a deep bitterness and resentment towards her late sister and now “orphaned” children.

Hamba Nam Ndipheleke tells the story of these two sisters whose indomitable spirits lead them to defy their circumstances and misfortunes by leaving their homes to seek a better life for themselves. Their separate yet intertwining journeys illustrate vividly the profoundly damaging impact Apartheid’s labour migration and Bantustan systems had on the fabric of South African society.

With Hamba Nam Ndipheleke Nompumezo Buzani lays bare the fracturing of families and the oppression and abuse women and girls suffer in a patriarchal society that perverts culture and tradition to facilitate their exploitation.

Thought provoking and, at times, surprisingly hilarious Hamba Nam Ndipheleke is an instructive and entertaining drama about love, redemption and discovering one’s own agency and power.

Performed in isiXhosa with English surtitles.

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